I got back into sea fishing after about a 20 year break in 2011, as a means of getting away from day to day life.  I used to go every weekend during the cod and whiting season when I was younger, but catches dried up and so I eventually gave up. One sunny Sunday afternoon I decided that a trip out down the coast was in order and I ended up at Weybourne Beach.  The following Sunday I took a carp rod and reel with me and a few feathers and had a few casts.  I was hooked again.  I had kept all my old sea fishing gear, so over the following months I would have a Saturday afternoon and evening  getting away from it all by wetting a line in the North Sea, tide and time permitting.The whiting then came in and I started catching loads of them, most undersized and so were returned.  But I have managed to get several good feeds off them as well as a few codling and dabs too.Here are a few photos taken of the autumn and winter session around the norfolk coast.